Welcome, Fr. Tim Foley!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am pleased to share wonderful news with you: Please join me in welcoming Fr. Tim Foley to our community! Fr. Tim has been living in retirement at St. Monica’s in Creve Coeur, and volunteered to come serve in both of our parishes. 
He will continue to live as a retired priest in residence, but will now  help serve both Epiphany of Our Lord and St. James the Greater parishes. Fr. Foley and other retired priests in his situation don’t have financial or administrative responsibilities, but can help support the sacramental life of the Church. 
“I enjoy ministering to people living and serving in parishes...to be available for people and present for the sacramental aspects of the Church.”
Fr. Tim Foley
Fr. Foley was ordained in 1965, served the Church well before retirement, including 30-plus years as a pastor at St. Mark Parish (St. Louis), St. John and James Parish (Ferguson), St. Thomas the Apostle (Florissant) and Christ the King (University City). 
With his arrival, both parishes will be able to add additional Mass times at each location. Fr. Foley and I are working together to develop a schedule that helps make the Eucharist available to the greatest number of people. Since Fr. Foley is retired, the schedule will also take into consideration the 58 years he has dedicated to serving in parishes. 
This new schedule will begin in October, 2023. Please welcome him warmly as he joins our community. 
Fr. Thomas M. Pastorius, 


  • John HeimannPosted on 10/21/23

    I saw a picture of folks creating signs for St. Louis City Soccer in your gym. Curious me, where is this parish. I found your web site with the picture of Fr Foley! St. Mary Magdalen, Brentwood, was my family parish. In the early 70’s Fr. Foley was there through several of my grade school years and I was just thinking of him the other day. I always enjoyed his servitude and leadership at the church and school. God blessed me with this simple internet search. It is great to see Fr. Foley still serving. I doubt he remembers me but please give him my warmest regards…Sergeant John Heimann Phoenix PD retired.

  • Bill MillerPosted on 9/28/23

    I am very pleased for the decision to add a weekend mass on Saturday afternoon. Whatever time it will be, make it known near and far to fill our pews. Please also let the ones with diminished hearing know that we have help for them. See you there.